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Sunset on the Amazon

Amazon River


Rivers have a huge impact on our lives.  It is MANDITORY to learn about these landforms.  Please do not joke around on this website, it is for education.

Thank you.

Stages of a River

Youthful Rivers

Youthful rivers erode its rivers deeper rather than wider.  These rivers flow very fast because of their steepness. 

2 River Summaries

Han River in Seoul, Korea

The Han River is a major river in South Korea. It is also the fourth longest river accounted for on the Korean peninsula after the Amnok, Duman, and Nakdong


Han River

rivers.  It was formed by the confluence of the Bukhan River (North Han River), originating on the slopes of Mount Geumgang (North Korea), and the Namhan River (South Han River), originating on Mount Daedeok.  It flows through Seoul and then merges with the Imjin River right before it dumps into the Yellow Sea.  The total length of the river is about 514 km (321.25 mi).  This river could be classified as a mature or an old river.

Colorado River

The Colorado River is a rejuvenated river judging by the facts that it is very wide in comparison to the depth and it is mostly flat it is in Canyonlands national park. The Load currently could not be found and I estimate it to be around 50000000 tons. Sandy and gravely bottom characterizing a dissolved load mostly. It stretches through seven states. Colorado, Utah, California, Baja California, Nevada, Arizona, and Sonora. Not all are In the U.S. Baja California and Sonora Are Mexican States. The Discharge is 17,660 ft³/s, and the length is 1,450 miles. The River its self is claimed by many different Native American Tribes. The source is the La Poudre Pass Lake.




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